Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Biographical Data

The name of the patient is Mr. Precious Brando, a 47 year-old, male, born at Sampaloc, Manila. He is Roman Catholic and a natural born Filipino citizen, currently residing at Sta. Mesa, Manila, with his wife and his four children.

The patient works as a tricycle driver in their town. He works the whole day and perspires a lot. According to his wife, Mr. Precious Brando is a heavy drinker and a chronic smoker for almost 25 years. He consumes almost 21 bottles of gin and 2 packs of cigarette sticks/day. According to his wife, before the patient was diagnosed to have Hypertension in 1990, he stops from eating high-salty foods. The wife also stated that the patient is not fond of consuming fruits.


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