Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Dangerous Drug Board - was created by RA 6425 (Dangerous Drug Act of 1972)
ü Narcotic drugs - any drug which produces insensibility, stupor, melancholy or dullness of mind with delusions and which may be habit forming
ð Ex. opium, opium derivatives and synthetic opiates
ü Dangerous drugs - refers to prohibited or regulated drugs
ü Prohibited drugs - include opium, and its active components and derivatives (heroin, morphine, LSD)
ü Regulated drugs - include self-inducing sedatives (Phenobarbital, amphetamines) RA 953 - Narcotic Drug Law
ü Nurses in relation to Narcotics
J  The nurse must remember that dispensing, administering, distribution or giving away of narcotics to a patient by a registered physician, veterinary surgeon or other practitioner registered under the narcotics drug law should be in THE COURSE OF HIS PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE only and for legitimate medical purposes. Nurse can handle narcotics in the course of their professional practice only as agents for practitioners of institutions under whose direction or supervision their duties are performed


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