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Goal: Provide a sound general and professional foundation for the practice of nursing (RA 9173)

Þ   Mandated by RA 7722 to provide standards or minimum requirements from the operation and regulation of educational institutions offering tertiary degree
Þ   Duly recognized government agency that approves that approves the opening (written recommendation from BON; PRC & NSAC) and regulates the operation of nursing schools or colleges all over the country.
Þ   CMO # 30

1.      Administration and Faculty (refer to RA 9173)
2.      Teaching loads:
a.      College dean- not more than 6 units in a semester
b.      Full-time faculty member- 15-24 units per sem
c.      Part-time faculty member – not more than 9 units

3.      Employment requirements and conditions:
a.      Faculty assigned based on their clinical expertise
b.      Full time faculty shall be responsible for both lecture and RLE and require to teach nsg courses
c.      Faculty development program
ü Scholarship grant
ü Graduate studies
ü In-service education, clinical enhancement for at least 2 weeks a year

4.      Library facilities and standards: must have quality and quantity resources
a.      Quality – breadth and depth of coverage and representation
b.      Quantity – number of holdings and references proportional to students

5.      Library staff: full time registered librarian and library support staff

6.      Library holdings: a maximum of 5 copies of frequently used materials and at least one copy for every 25 students for the reserve books

7.      Library quarters: adequate space; accessible; attractive and safe; suitable space; based on the size of user population, adequately lighted; properly ventilated and acoustically suited and is open and accessible even beyond class hrs.

8.      Accreditation and sanction:
Þ   Required to undergo accreditation process within 5 yrs after recognition
Þ   CHED to order outright closure – board performance within in 3 examinations within 5 yrs is 3% and below
Þ   Gradual phase out - 4-10%

9.      Curriculum and instructional standards:
BSN curriculum to produce a nurse who is:
a.      Possesses caring behavior (compassionate; competent and committed)
b.      Practices legal, ethico-moral and social responsibilities and accountabilities
c.      Demonstrates critical and creative thinking
d.      Practices skills and knowledge to perform the 4 fundamental responsibilities

ü Nursing student must complete 37 units of nursing subjects and 1,887 hrs of RLE experiences
ü Nursing student must complete 51 hrs of RLE for every 1 init of the subject requiring RLE

Ratio of Student-Clients
ü Level III
Þ   1st sem - 1:1
Þ   2nd sem - 1:2
ü Level IV
Þ   1st sem – 1:2-3
Þ   2nd sem – 1:3-5

Faculty-Student Ratio
ü Level III
Þ   1st sem - 1:8-10
Þ   2nd sem - 1:8-12
ü Level IV
Þ   1st sem – 1:12-15
Þ   2nd sem – 1:12-15

Faculty-Student Ratio
ü Lab class – 1:25
ü Regular classroom – 1:50

Nursing Review Centers
ð CMO # 13 – Prohibiting Higher Education Institutions from forcing their Graduates and Graduating Students to Enroll in their Own Review Centers/Review Centers of their Preference


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