Tuesday, September 14, 2010


1.       To encourage nurses as an ethical and moral obligation to enhance their knowledge, attitude and skills for competent and safe practice
2.       1988 nurses deciding to renew their PRC license were required to present 20 contact hours per year
3.       PRC Resolution No. 99-624 dated Aug. 11, 1999 and PRC Resolution No. 507 S. 1997 were repealed and CPE were no longer required for licensure
4.       PRC Resolution No. 2004-179 S. 2004 again implements the requirement.  Registered professionals are required a total of 60 units CPE credits units for 3 years.  Any excess credit shall not be carried over the next 3 year period except credit units earned for doctoral and master’s degree.  This revises Resolution 99-624 which did not require CPE units for renewal of licenses by professionals.

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